KAROFiX®Cement-Based Ceramic Adhesive Mortar

Ceramic Adhesive Mortar Used on Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces for Interior


  • Used for fixing of ceramics and tile coating materials on horizontal and vertical surfaces for interior areas and on floor applications for exterior areas.
  • Applied on cement-based plasters on dry and medium wet areas, walls; and on cement-based screed and concrete flooring on floor areas.


  • Prepared easily.
  • Provides convenient application thanks to its adequate application and incrustation time.
  • Applied on the surface easily.
  • Used conveniently on interior surfaces both vertically and horizontally.


Period for Keeping Uncovered: Tensile Adhesion Strength, N/mm² (after 20 minutes minimum), (EN 1346)

≥ 0,5

Application Time, Hours

< 2

Adherence Strength / Under Dry Conditions, N/mm² (EN 1348)

≥ 0,5

Adherence Strength / Under Wet Conditions, N/mm² (EN 1348)

≥ 0,5

Adherence Strength / Under Hot Conditions, N/mm² (EN 1348)

≥ 0,5

Adherence Strength / Under Cold Conditions, N/mm² (EN 1348)

≥ 0,5

Sliding, mm (EN 1308)

≤ 0,5

Reaction To Fire (EN 13501-1)





  • The surface shall always be free of form oil, dust, paint and materials that reduce adherence.
  • Repair of the cracks and holes shall be made using appropriate Entegre Repair Mortars before application.
  • Application surface shall be dampened with water, if required. PRIMEL 100® shall be applied before application on surfaces that are not resistant to moisture such as gypsum-cardboard plates, gypsum plasters, fiberboard etc. and the fixing operation is started when drying is complete (after approx. 24 hours).


  • Water shall be put to the mixing vessel first, then KAROFIX® shall be added (5.75-6.25 l water/25 kg bag) and it shall be stirred until the lumps are removed.
  • Stop for 5 minutes, and stir again to achieve a homogeneous mixture.
  • The mortar prepared shall be applied up to a thickness of 8 mm, it shall be combed and ceramic shall be fixed.
  • For a good adhesion, application shall be performed by applying force on the surface with a rubber hammer.
  • Double sided fixing shall be used for coatings greater than 1,100 cm².


Applies for application on a single side

Comb Size

Consumption (kg/m²)











25 kg polyethylene-reinforced kraft paper bags


1 Year Shelf Life*

* If stored in its original package without opening the package under dry, frost free conditions


(1 week after opening the package.)


TS EN 12004-1 / April 2007 / C1T
C1: Normal Hardening Adhesive with Cement
T: Reduced Sliding Properties
Ministry of Public Works Pos. No: 04.013/1


  • No other materials (lime, cement, gypsum, etc.) shall be added to the prepared mortar.
  • Mortar shall not be used again by mixing with water or dry mortar if its application time has expired.
  • Wait until the ceramic adhesive is dried for joint application.
  • Used for coatings with water absorption of > 0.5 (ceramic, tile, etc.).
  • Coating areas specified below are suitable for an ideal application:
    • On interior floor: Area of ceramics ≤1200 cm²
    • On exterior floor ≤900 cm²
    • On interior walls: Area of ceramics ≤1100 cm²
  • KAROFIX® White is recommended for light coloured coatings.
  • We recommend that the application shall be performed between +5°C and +35°C.
  • For an ideal application, coating material shall be fixed to the mortar applied on the surface within 25 minutes.
  • It shall not be applied on frozen surfaces.
  • Do not apply under direct sunlight.
  • Do not go beyond the application field and the rules.
  • Do not inhale it directly. Wash your eyes with plenty of water in case of contact with eyes, seek medical attention if required.
  • For detailed information, please request the safety data sheet.
  • Contact us for your technical questions and for your questions about all other application conditions.