ALÇIMATİK®Gypsum-Based Ready-Mixed Machine Applied Plaster

First Gypsum-based Machine Plaster Produced in Turkey


  • Applied on brick,
  • aerated concrete,
  • concrete,
  • fair faced concrete,
  • pumice concrete,
  • briquette walls
  • ceiling surfaces

on interior faces of the buildings.


  • Provides a strong surface with high adhesive resistance and strength.


Compressive Strength, N/mm²

≥ 2,0

Bending Strength, N/mm²

≥ 1,0

Adherence Strength (Under Dry Conditions), N/mm²

≥ 0,3

Initial Setting Period, minutes

> 50

Reaction to Fire





  • The surface will always be free of form oil, dust, paint and materials that reduce adherence.
  • Repair of the cracks and holes should be made using appropriate Entegre Repair Mortars before application.
  • Application surface should be dampened with water, if required. PRİMEL 600®  BETOKONTAK is used for adherence increasing primer before application on bright fair faced surfaces, concrete ceilings and walls.
  • You can advance to application when the surface is cured.


  • ALCIMATIK® should be mixed with ready-mix plaster mixer (15-16 l water/35 kg bag) and sprayed to the surface.
  • Application thickness should be between 1 cm and 2.5 cm in one coat.
  • If the thickness is more than 2.5 cm, a second coat is applied in max. 2.5 cm thickness before the first coat is set.
  • Surface must be levelled.
  • When the surface starts to be dried, excess parts on the surface may be removed with a second levelling operation.
  • Then, compaction and smoothing is performed with a scraper.
  • When the surface reaches the adequate hardness, it should be lightly dampened and smoothed with a sponge and satin surface should be removed.
  • A perfect surface is achieved by finishing with steel trowel when the satin on the surface starts to be dried depending on the ambient temperature.
  • After about 2 hours, the hardened surface will be lightly dampened and operation will be completed by finishing with steel trowel.


Approx. 10.0 kg/m² for 1 cm of plaster thickness


35 kg’lık PP bag,

(delivered in pallets or as sling-bags upon request.)


6 Months Shelf Life*

* If stored in its original package without opening the package under dry, frost free conditions


(1 week after opening the package.)


TS EN 13279-1 February 2009 / B4-50-2.0
Ministry of Public Works Pos. No: 04.475/B


  • No other materials (lime, cement, gypsum, etc.) should be added to the prepared mortar.
  • We recommend the application to be performed between +5°C and +35°C.
  • ALCIMATİK® will be protected against quick drying under windy weather conditions.
  • You should wait at least 10 days for the application be performed on the ALCIMATIK® depending on the ambient temperature.
  • We recommend using fiberglass meshs on the joining areas of different materials and on the points that may be considered to be moving.
  • Do not go beyond the application field and the rules.
  • Do not inhale it directly. Wash your eyes with plenty of water in case of contact with eyes, seek medical attention if required.
  • For detailed information, please request the safety data sheet.
  • Contact us for your technical questions and for your questions about all other application conditions.